Ten Activities to engage three year olds at home this summer

Summer is on full swing and so is your toddler! ‘Terrific three’, as I prefer to call it, is the perfect age to start doing some ‘planned activities’ along with free play. Summer is also the perfect time to spend leisure in the swimming pool if you have access to one, and get your child introduced to swimming! Depending on how old your child is there are also a  lot of summer camps that might be happening all over your city; however, if you prefer to spend the vacation doing something else, here are ideas of 10 activities to do at home for 3 years old this summer. Keeping three year olds engaged is not the easiest since they have a very short attention span. It is important to have a range of activities to break monotonicity and keep the interest high.

Gardening with your 3 years old
Introduce your child to the concept of gardening. Let him/her get dirty with soil and mud! Take a small pot, let your child fill it with soil and sow some seeds. Teach him how to take care of it every day by watering and keeping in sunlight. Meanwhile, you can teach the basics of germination and let him get delighted with the joy of seeing a sapling growing out of the seeds sown!

Finger painting with 3 years old
Children love to play with colors! Get some art supplies and teach them to make shapes with fingers. Encourage them to get creative and get dirty! You can also teach to make cute vegetable cut prints.

Inculcate the habit of reading
If you think your kid has had enough of sun, spend some time indoor reading, reading and reading. Take her to a nearby library and get her enrolled. Get her access to picture books and encourage picture reading! Take turns!

Movie time
A movie date with your little one on a hot summer afternoon is not so bad idea! Select from a range of age appropriate movie that you can watch together as a family. Don’t forget to grab a bowl of homemade popcorns to bring in the theater effect!

Make a family album
A great way to engage your kid and introduce them to all the extended family members. Write their names and include a picture. Let your child identify each of the family members!

Alphabet hunt
This is a fun indoor game that also let your child learn alphabets and words starting with the corresponding alphabets. This is how the game goes – Give them a piece of paper with an alphabet written and ask them to collect all the items they could find with the alphabet. You can repeat this game for all the alphabets from A-Z.

Number games
Similar to the alphabet games, you can play the number games with your toddler. Give them a number and ask them to collect same number of objects they can find in the kitchen. The game will surely keep your child engaged and help to identify numbers and quantify objects.

Balloon games
If it’s too hot to play outdoor, let your kids have fun with some balloons! Let them throw and catch the balloon. If you have more participants, make teams and play balloon volleyballs. Just tie a rope across your hall and start playing!

Making soap bubbles
Children love to play with soap bubbles. Instead of buying one, show them how to make soap water at home and start bursting the bubbles with your little one!

Craft ideas
Get some old newspaper and a child-proof scissor. Let your child cut the paper into pieces and then stick them on a chart paper making a collage. Cutting with scissors will help them develop their fine motor skills.

Whether you choose to stay indoor or outdoor, there are plenty ways to keep your child happily engaged. Pick any of the ideas listed here or go creative and do something on your own based on your child’s interest! Happy summer 

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