10 board books suggested for newborns

Stories read out aloud by mommies arouse a sense of security in infants and growing babies. A snug in their mother’s arms followed by story time when they can listen to their favourite and most familiar voice is the maximum comfort and happiness a new born can experience. A few board books which may be considered to be part of a baby’s first library are as follows.

1. Twinkle Twinkle- An Animal Lover’s Mother Goose
This newborn specialist book by Bobbi Fabian includes rhythms which babies can associate with their mother’s heart beat. The book also has a lot of animal collages that can fascinate infants.

2. Dr. Seuss’s Sleep book
The book consists of small, witty poem like stories. The rhymes used in the book are very interesting and these poems can be sung out to the little babies. These songs like poems generally appeal to an infant’s ears and they listen and focus well.

3. The Three Bears Rhyme Book
Jane Yolen’s book consists of rhyming poems and is all about the bears celebrating fifteen holidays. The book is written in the baby bear’s voice. The verses are endearing and humorous and the colourful pictures and backgrounds in the book are loved by young babies.

4. This Little Chick
This book by John Lawrence is about a little chick who loves making friends in the farm yard. The book revolves around the chick’s playful, energetic and enthusiastic antics which children love and laugh out loud. Various activities like hopping with frogs, skipping with sheep, sliding the pig’s back and wonderful sounds made by animal’s makes kids love this book.

5. How a Baby Grows
Nola Buck’s gentle poem book is all about baby’s world. The illustrations in the book are charming, colourful and revolve around objects that are easily identifiable by infants. Infants recognize and can relate to objects like blanket, rattles and bottles and start enjoying this board book.

6. “More More More” Said the Baby
This book by Vera B. Williams is all about love and affection. The pictures and episodes deal with loving playful actions between parents and their children and babies start relating to it and enjoying it.

7. Goodnight Moon board book
A classic children’s literature by Margaret Wise Brown revolves around a cute bunny tucked warm in his bed and how he says good night to the moon, his socks, clock, mittens and kittens around and to all the objects in his room. Quiet poetry, gentle words and lulling illustrations in the book make it a perfect read for infants.

8. Black on White
This book by Tana Hoban has wonderful, well-balanced; high-contrast images and proves to be spell-casting for an infant’s developing eyes. Objects like fork, leaf, spectacles, and butterfly have been presented in blacks and whites and these presentations are very fascinating for babies.

9. Yummy Yucky
A lovely book by Leslie Patricelli humorously introduces concepts of “yummy” and “yucky” to young children. The book has bold illustrations like- “Sandwiches are yummy and sand is yucky”. These pictorial presentations appeal to kids and they find this book very interesting.

10. The Baby’s Lap Book
This legendary book by Kay Chorao is a superb compilation of poems, nursery rhymes and lullabies. Animals and imaginary characters in the book make the book joyful and interesting for young ones.

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