10 Fun Activities to Build Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills refers to the movements a child makes using the muscles in his hands and arms. These skills help kids to perform various tasks such as holding and grasping things and using different tools like utensils, crayons, pencil, scissors etc which ultimately helps them in becoming more independent.

Fine Motor Skills develop over time in kids. At the time of birth, babies have very little control over their hands but as they grow they start exploring by touching. By the time they are two years of age, they become skillful in using their hands. There are many fun activities that one can do at home to build their fine motor skills.

  1. Play dough- Which kid doesn’t love play dough?Squeezing and stretching play-dough develops important skills like strengthening finger muscles and touching it is a valuable sensory experience.
  2. Finger Painting- Finger paint helps in strengthening your child’s hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity.
  3. Color with broken crayons- Coloring with small, broken crayons will encourage your child to hold the crayon correctly—between her thumb and forefinger.
  4. Squeeze out a sponge– Take two separate bowls, one filled with water and the other one empty. Give your child a sponge and have her soak it in one bowl. Let them squeeze the water out of the sponge into the other bowl. This simple activity will strengthen their hands and forearms.
  5. Hanging Socks-This is a fun activity for toddlers who are developing their fine motor skills. Give them some socks and a bunch of clips. If your preschooler is older, then you can ask him to hang pairs of matching socks on the line.
  6. Using Coins- This activity involves math and at the same time develop their fine motor skills.Provide your child with a bunch of coins and a piggy bank and let them put all the coins in the slot. This will develop their motor skills as they can practice picking up the coins and pushing them into a small slot. If you have a slightly older kid, then you can ask him to sort different coins, count them and write it down on some paper.
  7. Puzzles- Do simple puzzles with your child like attaching simple shapes that fit into the correct space into the puzzle board.
  8. Stacking and Sorting- From balancing one block on top of another to stacking, are good ways to build their sorting and building skills.Buttons and beads can help children practice grabbing small items and can also be used as a color matching activity.
  9. Pom Pom Pick up Game- Let children use their hand muscles to squeeze the tong in order to pick up each pom pom and place it on a tray.
  10. Opening and closing containers- Save empty plastic food containers with lids. Let the child match the lids with the containers.

Hope these activities will keep your kid busy and engaged and at the same time develop his fine motor skills.

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