10 Wonderful Health Benefits of Jaggery for Kids

Are you wondering how to give up sugar? Then better switch to a healthier option- Jaggery. But can jaggery be given to babies? Read this post to know more.

Jaggery also known as Gur in Hindi, is essentially unrefined sugar which is obtained from raw concentrated sugar cane juice. It is also obtained from sources like Palmyra and date palm.  It is rich in nutrients and is considered the best substitute for white sugar.

Health Benefits of Jaggery for Kids

  1. Boosts Immunity: Jaggery can do wonders for your child’s immunity. Jaggery is rich in minerals and antioxidants and help prevents free-radical damage and works as an immunity booster.
  2. Prevents Constipation: Is your child suffering from constipation? Jaggery can be of great use as it helps prevent indigestion, constipation and flatulence. The reason why most people tend to eat gur after meals is to soothe the bowel movement.
  3. Prevents anemia: Jaggery is a rich source of iron and helps prevent iron deficiency and anemia. Hence, eating a small amount of jaggery on a daily basis can actually fulfill your daily requirement of iron.
  4. Detoxifies liver: Jaggery detoxes the liver by flushing out toxins from the body. A healthy liver will help your child to have more appetite. Jaggery also helps in cleaning your child’s lungs, respiratory tract, food pipe, intestine and stomach.
  5. Treats cold and cough: Babies who suffer from frequent cold and cough can be benefited by jaggery. You can try feeding your child jaggery mixed with warm water on a daily basis to get rid of flu.
  6. Strengthens bones and teeth: Jaggery is a loaded with minerals, calcium and phosphorous which are vital for strengthening bones and tissues. It also ensures that your baby has strong teeth and nails.
  7. Cures Respiratory Problems: If your child is suffering from respiratory problems like asthma, then try feeding her jaggery.
  8. Helps in Weight Loss: If your child has gained unhealthy weight due to bad food habits then jaggery can provide a solution. Jaggery is a very rich source of potassium, which helps in water retention, thereby helping your child to control the weight.
  9. Boosts Energy: Jaggery takes more time to get absorbed in your child’s body and therefore provides energy for a longer period of time.
  10. Soothes Stomach Pain: Jaggery has the ability to cool down the stomach pains and aches and also helps to maintain regular body temperature.


Jaggery has many health benefits for babies but remember moderation is the key. Children who regularly consume it, should not get addicted to it. Since each baby is unique, what suits one may not suit the other. If you start on jaggery and notice any reactions, stop it immediately and consult your doctor. Also, note Jaggery is high in calories and baby’s digestive system is not always prepared to absorb and digest it.

So, based on the benefits and risks, the decision to give jaggery solely rests on you and the doctor.

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