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“Let the child listen to the voice of his own stomach” – Tips from Celebrity Nutritionist Rujuta Diwarekar

Kareena Kapoor Khan had kept a lot of her fans obsessed with her pregnancy, her maternity style and now of course her fitness post pregnancy. One person who is responsible for her perfect body and balanced diet is none other than Rujuta Diwarekar who is a renowned celebrity nutritionist and dietician.

If you are mom just like me who is worried about your child’s nutrition, eating patterns and food aversion then i am sure you will be relieved after reading this blog. Here are some tips shared by Rujuta on Kid’s health and nutrition.

  • It is very important for parents to respect a child’s taste buds. Let your child decide what to eat.
  • Let the child listen to the voice of his or her own stomach.
  • Avoid distractions like watching tv while they eat. Let them enjoy the food.
  • Child have different eating patterns in various seasons, different times of the day, during exams and during vacations. Thus, there cannot be one set pattern for them.
  • Each child’s body gives him or her signals on what it needs. The only person who can understand these signals is the child himself. Here is an example ,  a child who has dal chawal in the earliest eating years starts rejecting dal after the age of two and wants only rice with ghee or sugar. This happens because the body needs amino acid till the age of two, which it gets from the dal. But, thereafter, the body doesn’t need any more amino acid so the child stops liking dal. Their tongue tells them what the body needs.
  • Children imitate their parents and learn their food habits from them too. So if parents complain that a child eats too much junk, they must first see what they themselves eat. Children are introduced to everything they eat by their parents. So if parents are eating junk or if they watch television while eating food, children do the same.
  • Do not force fed. Parents should give a chance to the child to say that he or she is hungry. Let the children recognize what hunger is. Their body will tell them.
  • Parents need to make their child understand what is junk food and what is healthy for them and the choice should then be left on them. Also, children should be made a part of planning what to eat.
  • When children are let to eat according to their choices, they act more responsibly. So if a child likes sweets, his or her body must need that quick fix of energy to support the physical activities.
  • As long as a child’s body does not hamper his or her activities and is not a burden to the child, then no matter what shape -skinny, healthy, fat-the child is, he or she is all right. .


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