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Why Organic Food is good for your Child

The most personal aspect in a child’s development is the choice of baby food as there is no chance of compromising in terms of the quality. Fresh food with optimum nutrients are the key drivers when buying the baby food – which is why some parents prefer organic food.

What is organic food:

Organic food is the natural food which is produced without the induction of pesticides i.e. . fungicides, herbicides and insecticides, in its farming. It does not involve any unhealthy artificial extracts during the process of production.
Why Organic Food:

As compared to the conventional food, organic food has been a choice for the parents who can afford it. For parents, the choice of the organic food solely depends upon their knowledge about the organic food, their lifestyle and affordability. Organic baby food is expensive in comparison to the conventional food.

So, here’s a list for the moms to consider what benefits does the organic food provides to your kid:

  • Limited exposure to pesticides
  • Organic Food tastes better as they are fresh and high on nutrients
  • Safety from diseases like – Asthma, Cancer, reduced fertility
  • Speedy growth with better immune system
  • Environment Friendly

Organic food is the best choice for the kids as they are more exposed to the chemical residues compared to the adults due to their developing immune system. The health risk, when intaking organic food, reduces to 95% whereas conventional food could expose a child to the health issues caused using pesticides, thus, increasing the toxicity. Organic Food would comprise of the freshly farmed Fruits, vegetables and organic milk. This would provide all the sufficient proteins and nutrients in turn building a strong metabolism of your child.

Its not only about babies, For mothers as well, organic food works the best during pregnancy. The intake of organic food while the lady is pregnant makes a positive impact on the child’s development in the womb. Organic food has, thus, been considered as the best food to intake during pregnancy.

Organic Food is in turn the best choice for your kid and Let’s try to avoid conventional food.



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