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Tips to Babyproof your House

Keeping our baby safe is the key responsibility. Once the baby starts wandering around the house, he is directly exposed to the risks. As rightly said – “Prevention is better than cure” – It’s always better to get the home childproof during his early stage. The only thing which a parent would never want to face is the unintentional injury their kid may suffer. Have you ever thought how would you home be the safest place for your child? Or ever wondered if your child is safe to wander around his shelter or not? If not, then, scroll down to get the best tips for making your home babyproof:

The Bathroom:

  • Get the toilet locks to avoid your kid getting stuck within the toilet seat. It is very easy for kid to fall in the toilet. Make sure the seat is locked
  • Store the toiletries in a locked shelf wherein your kid doesn’t mark a reach
  • Unplug Hair Dryers and Rollers to avoid the electrocution in the water
  • Store the medicines in their specific containers and close them tight so your may not be able to open
  • Get the Safety Keys all around the bathtub and a mat which will avoid the baby from slipping on the floor

The Kitchen:

  • Keep the cords of the appliances covered with the electric tapes or covers
  • Unplug the appliances after use
  • Cover the electrical openings
  • Keep the pointed and harmful stuff away from their reach – Knife, Fork, Cutters


  • Keep furniture away from the windows to avoid them climbing upon and hurting themselves
  • Cover the edges of furniture by placing the decorative around them
  • Place heavier items near the furniture which your child may not be able to pull away

Other Beneficial Tips:

  • Don’t forget to cover the windows with protective guards
  • Get the nontoxic plants for your home decor which may not impact the kid if consumed
  • Do not leave any coin left over on the floor
  • Keep away the detergents, cleansers and cosmetics away from the eye of your kids
  • Do not forget to imbed the doorknob covers to avoid your kid getting out into any kind of trouble

So Ladies, gear up and if you are missing on something, get on with the tips and make your home a safe shelter for you baby

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