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Dental Hygiene and its Importance

As parents, we always want the best for our kids, specially when it comes to their health. Did you know that dentists encourage parents to brush their kid’s teeth as soon as the first tooth erupts? Dr. Tanvi Jain Nahar who is been practicing dentistry for 7 years shares with us all the answers to the questions that you might have regarding your baby’s dental hygiene. Tanvi Jain Nahar holds the BDS, PGDHHM, PGDMLS degrees along with a Diploma in Implantology. She is married to an Orthopaedic Surgeon and is a mother of two sweet boys.

When should we start brushing kid’s teeth?

Brushing your kid’s teeth should start as soon as the first tooth erupts in his mouth. Before the first tooth erupts it is necessary to clean his gums and tongue with a clean soft cloth or silicon gum cleaners that are easily available in market.

How long should be the brushing time?

Contrary to popular beliefs, Tanvi stresses that our brushing technique is most important with little weight age to the brand of toothpaste and toothbrush. The usual brushing time should be ideally a good two minutes. In addition we should ensure that the entire surface of our set of teeth is brushed properly.

Should we brush at night too?

Ironically, the morning brush is quite deceiving. It helps in freeing us mostly from bad breath only. For prevention of tooth decay, the night brushing is what matters. That’s when the teeth can be freed of all bacteria for a good ten to twelve hours. So night brushing-TOP OF THE CHECKLIST. Avoid brushing teeth after sipping aerated drinks as they can cause erosion of the tooth.

Should we take care of the Milk Teeth?

Milk Teeth In the case of kids, it is seen that parents have an ignorant attitude towards the milk teeth thinking only the permanent ones need to be looked after. However, Tanvi has warned that the state of one’s permanent teeth will largely depend on how you care for the milk ones. Baby teeth act as space maintainers for permanent teeth i.e. they will not allow permanent teeth to erupt at wrong place and causing crowing of teeth.

Should we floss our teeth?

Flossing is highly effective and removes food and bacteria from places where the brush is off limits. She suggests that one use floss instead of using a toothpick.

Should we allow kids to sleep with bottles?

A important point that parents must remember is that they should not allow their kids to sleep with bottles….sleeping with bottles leads to milk accumulation in mouth giving perfect home for bacteria to grow thus leading to multiple caries. Parents should feed their kids before they sleep and again making sure that they rinse their mouth before they sleep.

How to prevent Tooth Decay? 

A common myth among people is that there child’s tooth have decayed due to excessive intake of chocolates, refined food like chips and other kind of sweets…. but my question to all the parents is that is it not their age to have all this fun…it’s there age to have all ice-cream, chocolates, sweets, chips and all… God has gifted kids with teeth that are less susceptible to tooth decay…what we as parents should do is to get our kids mouth rinsed nicely after having these kind of food.

How often should we visit a dentist?

Dr. Tanvi feels that where most people have a perception about dentistry being expensive, it is the ignorance in dental care that makes us shell out heavy amounts of money. A regular visit to a dentist at least once in six months is highly recommended. Regular checkups may seem waste of money but it saves you from spending thousands of amounts by finding dental problem at early stages. Secondly it may save your toddlers tooth because many a times patient comes in a stage where nothing can be done to save the tooth. Thirdly in case of teeth, pain starts only when the tooth has to undergo root canal treatment or has to be extracted. So regular visits can save your tooth as well as money.






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