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Why you should watch chocolate eating habit of your child!

Who doesn’t love chocolates? It’s really hard to ask our children to get away from the chocolates and their love for it is justified. Intake of chocolates in a toddler is something to be looked upon. The moderate intake won’t ever harm your kid and lay a negative impact on his body. According to the studies conducted in the past, chocolates have been noticed carrying some good properties with considerably good health benefits. But, what if your toddler’s intake is getting excessive with the time? Is your toddler eating more chocolates?

Have a look at the possible health complexities which may be caused due to the excessive intake of chocolates in toddler:

– Obesity: The most common issue emerging in the recent times is obesity. It tops the list of the bad effects on kids when chocolates are consumed to an extreme level.

– Addiction: Chocolates in themselves are an addiction which do not even spare an adult. When it comes to the toddlers, If the consumption is not controlled, this may lead to an addiction. This would result in the regular consumption and ignoring the healthy food around him. If the healthy food is rejected by the toddler, then it would directly impact its cognitive development

– Frequent Urination: Due to the presence of caffeine in the chocolates – this generates a frequent urge for urination within your toddler. A strict control is significantly required in order to avoid the increasing volume of caffeine within your toddlers body

– Sleeplessness: As specified above, due to the presence of caffeine in the chocolate – it may impact the sleeping routine of your kid. The sleeping habits are subjected to get disturbed if chocolate intake is left uncontrolled

– Type 2 Diabetes: Chocolates May lead to the emergence of type 2 diabetes in your kid. Make sure parents, Diabetes is not limited to adults only. The uncontrolled intake of chocolate affects the insulin sensitivity among toddler and result in adverse effect

So parents, it is highly important to set a chocolate day for your kid which may make him crave for them throughout the week and are not even excessed in amount. It may take some patience and your child may play tantrums, but make sure you set a strong eye on chocolate intake.

Image Source: http://baby.lovetoknow.com/

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