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Is Oil Massage really necessary for babies?

Once the baby is born in a family, it brings a bundle of joy and happiness to the parents. This life changing event comes with a load of responsibilities for both mom and dad. Since ages, body massage has been followed at every household for the babies. There are enormous benefits attached to the body massage which impact the baby in a perfect way. Lets take a look around:

Importance of Massage:

Following the current footsteps and changing trends in parenting, the newly been mothers have somehow been questioning the significance of body massage for their babies. The initial stages of a baby are extremely sensitive where they require complete care for better development. Oil Massage is one such factor which leads to proper development and nourishment of your baby.

Benefits of Oil Massage:

Babies are exposed to their mother’s touch through oil massage. Below mentioned are the benefits attached to the oil massage:

  • Quality Sleep: Oil massage provide your baby a better quality of sleep. It initiates a rise in the level of serotonin which, in turn, comfort baby leading to a stress free sleep
  • Stronger Bones: Babies are sensitive in their early stages and so are their bones. Regular oil massage makes your baby’s bones stronger and better with the time
  • Reduces Stress: Oil massage provides immense relaxation to the child which reduces stress. This makes your baby less cranky and evoke patience within themselves
  • Better Immune System: As oil massage benefits bones, similarly, it boosts up the immune system. Oil massage regulates blood pressure and improves oxygen content in the body
  • Improves Digestion: Babies experience certain digestive issues followed with abdominal pain. Oil massage relieves digestive issues like constipation, acid reflux, acute acidity, etc which, then, soothes the digestive system. On the other hand, massaging the belly, directs better excretion of waste from body
  • Mother Baby Bonding: Massage is the very first touch therapy which takes place between mother and baby. This process is a perfect way to strengthen the bond between the two and provide a quality time

Choosing the Right Massage Oil:

Choosing the perfect oil for massage is a smart process which needs to be taken care of. What if the oil did not suit your baby? Or what if your baby is extra sensitive towards oil? There are many such factors which parents take in consideration. Below is the list of top oils which are best recommended for massage:

  • Coconut Oil: Easily absorbed in the skin, Coconut oil is best recommended oil for massaging your little one. This oil is rich in anti-oxidant properties and prevent fungal infections. The cooling effect of the oil gives your baby a comfort. In the other hand, not so strong smell of coconut oil does not bother child
  • Mustard Oil: This oil has been used since ages now for massaging baby. Though the oil is not used directly over the skin due to its thick texture and properties, it is either mixed with garlic or carom seeds. Warm mustard oil is most effective for massage as it boosts the immune system and the warm composition of oil makes your baby relax and have a good sleep
  • Sunflower Oil: If your baby’s skin is not responding well to both coconut as well as mustard oil, then Sunflower Oil might work for your child. The oil is a rich source of Vitamin E followed with the presence of fatty acids which directs the nourishment
  • Olive Oil: As per the current scenario, Olive oil has gained immense popularity both in the area of cooking as well as applying. Olive Oil is effective when used as a massage oil for your baby. But make sure, not always it suits the skin and if your baby has sensitive skin or is prone to allergy, then, do not use it

Tips and Things to Note:

Massaging baby is itself a challenge which needs to be carried with total smartness. Below are some Tips and things which needs to be taken care of when massaging your little one:

  • It is essential to check the oil first, if it is suiting your baby’s skin or not. Try it with few droplets on your child’s skin and leave it for few minutes, if it remains normal then you may go for it
  • Make sure while massaging, your baby is getting proper support to his back or even neck with your hands
  • Though peanut oil is recommended by most, but, ensure that you do not take risk due to the properties peanut oil posses. It may lead to rashes and allergy
  • While massaging your little one’s tummy, make sure, you do it clockwise. The rotation is very crucial and must be taken care off
  • If your child fall asleep, you should stop the massage then
  • Do not hire an aya or maid for the massage. It must be done by mothers for a better development and stronger bond

Oil Massage comes with immense benefits and it is the best time to develop a mutual understanding between mother and a baby.

Mothers, get started with the massage and let your baby feel the warmth.


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