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Benefits of Mustard Oil for Baby Massage

Mustard is a spice widely used in Indian households in various cuisines but did you know that Mustard oil can offer numerous health benefits for infants and kids. One such benefit is baby massage. Baby massage is very important for infants as it not only relaxes their body but is vital for strengthening their bones. It is also equally important to choose the right massage oil when it comes to babies.

Benefits of Mustard Oil
  • Mustard Oil is known for its warming effect and it helps the baby relax and fall asleep quickly.Mustard oil is highly recommended┬áduring winters as it gives warmth to the little one, moisturizes it and gives a soothing effect.
  • Mustard Oil stimulates blood circulation in the body and regular massage helps to even out the body fat of the baby.
  • Mustard Oil boosts the immunity of the baby as it has very good antibacterial properties to prevent the child from infections.
  • Mustard Oil acts as an anti-fungal agent and creates a protective layer onto your baby’s skin against any kind of fungal infection.
  • Mustard Oil acts as a very good moisturizer, it prevents dryness and improves the skin tone of the baby.
  • Mustard Oil helps mosquitoes away from the body due to its pungent smell and it is used as a mosquito repellent by many.
  • Mustard Oil helps treat skin infection due to it antifungal and antibacterial properties. If your baby is facing skin infections you can apply mustard oil.
  • Mustard oil is very effective for treating cold and cough. Boil mustard oil and add raw garlic cloves and fenugreek seeds in it. Once it cools down, gently massage the baby. It will help the baby to recover fast.
  • ┬áMustard Oil is very good for head massage as it stimulates the blood circulation and helps in promoting hair growth.

Do note, mustard oil can also cause an allergic reaction, so if your baby is allergic to Mustard Oil, do check for other options.

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