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5 Benefits of Using a Play Gym

When I first heard of a Baby Play Gym, I was wondering is it a fashion trend to use one or does it really have any benefits? Well, I was surprised to know that Play Gym not only keeps the baby engaged for hours but also helps them grow and develop.

What is a Play Gym?

Play Gym is a soft mat with two arches that support toys with lights, music and other materials that dangle overhead to engage a baby. It is a safe place for a baby to lay, look and play.  Play gyms can be used right after few weeks of birth till the time they learn to crawl and sometimes even beyond that.

Benefits of Play Gym

Play Gyms are engaging 

Play Gyms are fun and keep the baby entertained for hours. Play Gym comes with colorful toys like rattles, baby mirrors, toys with different sounds and lights which can soothe a cranky baby. Once the baby grows you can remove the arches and use it as a regular play mat.

Safe and Portable

The best part of play gym is that it is completely safe and while baby enjoys in it, you can do your household chores. But it is advisable not to leave the child unattended in play gyms. The cushion acts as a safe place for the baby to learn to roll and play. Most of the Play Gyms are easy to clean and can be folded and carried easily while you travel.

Improves Fine Motor Skills and hand-eye coordination

Play Gym helps a baby to develop motor skills. It encourages baby to reach out and grasp the toys that dangle from the arches of the play gym. Reaching, kicking and grasping toys help in developing their muscles. Most play gyms are a safe place for tummy time.The tummy time in a play gym helps in strengthening their back and neck muscles. Continous use of play gym helps them develop skills which are required for their overall growth and development.

Boosts Cognitive development

Play Gym helps baby recognize different colors and patterns. All these stimulate the mental and cognitive development of the baby. Play gym with mirrors attached encourages the baby to see his own face and recognize himself. Play gyms are extremely helpful in developing these self-awareness skills.

Develops Visual Skills 

Play Gyms encourages baby to reach out to toys and grab them. This way they learn to focus on objects. The bright and contrasting colors in play gyms enhance the child’s visual senses and help in developing his/her visual awareness skill.

There are plenty of varieties of baby play gyms available in the market. So, go ahead and grab a one that has a lot to offer to your baby!

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