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Things to do if your child is not going for summer camp

All parents like their children being involved in constructive activities such that there is enhancement in their learning curve and exposure. When it comes to summer holidays, children have a lot of idle time and channelizing them during these phases is of utmost importance. Parents need to have a plan to keep their children involved in activities during these breaks. Summer camps are abundantly available these days but may not suit all because of being overpriced and various other factors. A wide array of activities may be chosen by parents to keep their children happy and busy as an alternate to sending them to summer camps. A few such activities have been discussed below.

  • Group activities-
    A lot of friends and neighbors look for mates with whom children can spend time and have fun. Arranging play dates for children at home, allowing them to share toys and spend time together not only keeps the kids busy but also helps in inculcating habits of sharing. Parents may also make these indoor gatherings more interesting by arranging for group games such as musical chairs, magic shows, passing by the parcel, etc. Small gifts make these group activities even more attractive for children. Story time also engages kids.
  • Playing in parks-
    Amidst hectic school day schedules children may not have spare time for outdoor activities in parks and open spaces. It would be excellent alternate to allow children to spend time playing and running about in the open. Play on slides and swings are loved by most of the children.
    Group games like cricket, football, basketball may also be arranged to make these outdoor play dates fascinating for them.
  • Nurturing talent-
    Parents may be aware of certain talents in their children but may find it difficult to nurture those during school days. Summer breaks are a perfect time for the child to devote all her time to pursue a hobby or advance in terms of personal attributes. Activities such as dancing, singing, drawing, skating may help in keeping the child engrossed and also boosts up their self-confidence.
  • Habit of Reading-
    Hours dedicated to reading may also be restricted during everyday school life. Summer holidays are a perfect time to read up the Nancy Drew’s, Famous fives and all the interesting comics and books.
  • Engagement in house hold chores-
    Children are often kept away from house hold chores. It would be a great idea to involve them in activities such as room clean up, learning basics of cooking, cupboard arrangement and such other activities which not only keep them busy, but also train them to be more organized and improve their presentation. They learn to be more responsible towards home and house hold chores.
  • Practicing and working on weaknesses-
    Every child may not be as good as the other when it comes to studies or activities being practiced in school. Spare time during holidays is perfect for practicing coloring, drawing, tracing and other activities at which the child needs improvement.
  • Play areas-
    This is comparatively a new concept in India. Play areas are now available in close residential proximity and consist of a lot of activities which are extremely fascinating for growing children. Indoor sand pits, tree houses, Lego plays, slides, ball pools, electrical cars and bikes are loved by children and they enjoy playing for hours.
  • Watching shows on television or computers-
    There are a lot of educational programs which are entertaining and are designed with wonderful information and morals for growing children. Watching these shows in moderation may also be an excellent time pass.

All the above activities may keep children active, busy and involved. Parents need to make a plan by having all these scheduled to ensure that a child remains happy and spends his time constructively. All these are effective alternates if a child is not going to summer camp.

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