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Why Carrot is a super food and 5 ways of including it in your child’s diet

Carrot is known to improve vision and eyesight but its health benefit is not just limited to this. Did you know that carrot is a natural abrasive and can act as a toothbrush? It is a good habit to chew carrots after a meal as it helps to clean the mouth and allow secretion of saliva which block the formation of plaque on teeth. In fact, chewing carrot is effective after a meal when brushing is not possible.
Carrot is also loaded with antioxidants which helps to improve the skin health. The beta-carotene content of carrot (which gives the orange color) gets converted to vitamin A in the liver which helps improve eyesight and vision. This visually appealing vegetable helps boost immunity in growing children and should be included in every child’s diet.

Health benefits of carrots in children
1. Do you know carrots help to eliminate intestinal worms in children? If your child is experiencing a bad tummy, offer her a bowl of carrot soup or mashed carrot
2. Carrot is also a natural remedy for diarrhea. Drinking carrot juice and soup frequently helps the body to prevent dehydration.
3. The dietary fiber content of carrot helps to fight constipation. It also stimulates the secretion of stomach juices which help in digestion.
4. Including carrots in diet help the body to cleanse away the accumulated toxins.
5. Carrot is low in cholesterol and hence a great option for snacks. Moreover, it helps to remove the bad cholesterol from the body.
Incorporating carrot in your child’s diet is a must for its endless health benefits. Whether the little one is a picky eater or loves too much munching, here are some ideas for you to try with carrots!
1. For infants and toddlers, mashed carrots can be given as a healthy snack option. The natural sweetness of the vegetable is usually liked by children. Boil carrots in low flame for 10-15 minutes and then mash it to make a paste. Serve with a pinch of salt and dollop of butter.
2. Baked carrot strips are good to serve older kids. They are better than boiling except that it’s not as mushy as the boiled carrots.
3. If your child has a sweet tooth, he/she will definitely love this sweet treat. Grate the carrot and then cook with milk and sugar until the carrot softens. Garnish with ghee and chopped dry fruits.
4. For younger children and toddlers carrot juice is an excellent option to include in her diet plan. Blend carrot chunks to make a smoothie with milk, honey and apple. The natural sweetness of carrot is loved by all.

5. Toddlers also love boiled carrots mashed with a pinch of salt and a dollop of butter!
To make it interesting, share these amazing carrot facts with your children while feeding him/her –
1. Carrot is a root vegetable and what we eat is actually the root of the plant
2. Carrot grows underground
3. The orange color of carrot is due to the presence of a pigment called beta-carotene. But carrots can be of other colors too like red, yellow, white, purple and black!

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