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10 fun and creative role playing activities for preschoolers

Doctors often say that first six to seven years of a child’s life are significant for their brain development, and hence it is important for their parents and family to stimulate brain activity to help them achieve full potential. There are multiple ways of doing this, such as active communication with the child, reading, storytelling, physical activities, good nutrition and stimulating thinking process. One of the best ways to do this is through role play activities. Role play is a very creative, engaging and fun activity for kids, particularly because they all love to imitate adults around them. There are many role play activities for pre-schoolers; top ten have been listed below.

1. Bakery: Most of the kids have always enjoyed playing with kitchen set as a toddler. They grow up looking at their mom or domestic help spending so much time in kitchen, and hence enjoy imitating the same. An extension of cooking is baking. Kids can make a bake house and engage in buying and selling of bakery items they are exposed to, such as cookies, cakes, pastries and cupcakes. You can use ready-made baking play sets.

2. Fairy Tale plays: Most of the popular fairy tales such as Cinderella, Rapunzel, Beauty and the Beast etc. stimulate children’s imagination. Kids can relate to them quite easily, and these can be enacted by making sets out of coloured cardboard paper. This also helps them memorizing the play and understand the morals imparted by them.

3. Flower Shop: Recreating a flower shop is a perfect play scenario for kids. All kids are attracted to flowers, be it for Mother’s Day or Teacher’s Day. This will also help them learn about different flowers while they engage in fun tasks such as arranging flowers, counting them and tying ribbons.

4. Baby Nursery: Kids love to take care of babies, and this is the easiest role-play as most of the required items will be around you. This can really help kids in learning lessons about affection, care and kindness.

5. Ice cream counter : Most of the kids love ice creams. They will be happy to make their own ice cream parlour uses play dough for ice-cream flavours, some empty transparent boxes and a few cones painted out of paper.

6. Grocery Store: Setting up a small grocery store will be a fun activity for kids. Kids grow up watching adults around them shopping all the time, particularly grocery shopping, which happens most frequently. Some of the ways of creating a set include using cereal boxes to make different products, make aisles from empty bookshelves and make carts from cardboard paper.

7. Band : Many kids enjoy music. It will be fun for them to make their favourite instrument from used cardboard paper and then play it as they sing their favourite song.

8. Classroom Library: Kids who love to read books will love this activity. Setting up their own library with their favourite books, deciding the rules on using the library and decorating it by themselves will be the best game for your geeky kid. You can also buy a library play set for this activity.

9. Police or Detective: This activity can really help in boosting problem solving skills of your child. It is very easy to play, all you to have to do is hide their favourite object and lay down some clues to help them find it.

10. Bank: Kids are often fascinated looking at their parents signing cheque-books. This is an easy to play game, as one can easily make play currency notes.

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