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Common Queries

What is the minimum age for admission?

Once the child turns two years old, s/he is eligible for our toddler program. For one year and older children, we start with daycare program and transition them into or toddler program as they get developmentally ready.

What is the learning methodology that you follow?

We follow a child-lead learning approach and take our inspiration from Montessori and Reggio Emilia methods. For a complete understanding of our methodology, please go through our curriculum.

What is your adult child ratio?

The adult-child ratio differs for each program based on their age group. The youngest ones require a more one to one attention and hence we have a 3:1 ratio in our Toddler program. In Pre-K, we have 4:1 which gradually increases to 6:1 in K1 and 10:1 in K2. The high ratio in K2 is because we want to start preparing them for primary schools and the supervision that they would receive once they graduate from us.

Can I opt out of the breakfast?

We are very particular about all our children having the same breakfast here in school. We believe that healthy eating is also a part of the early learning process. With the nuclear set up, children are increasingly becoming fussy eaters. Having meal together helps them eat better. Also, meal time is a fun and learning time for us where we discuss about what we are eating and its benefits.

What is served for breakfast?

Our breakfast menu has been designed keeping the nutritional requirements of children in mind. It is an eclectic mix of breakfast served across India. The food is vegetarian and is prepared in our quality controlled kitchen.

What is a typical schedule for children in preschool?

Schedule for each program is different from the other but they follow a similar pattern. The day starts with free unstructured play after which they have breakfast. After breakfast is the circle time and then they move into different learning environments.