5 Activities to Introduce Alphabet to Toddlers

Wondering how to introduce alphabets to your toddler?

Singing the ABC rhyme will introduce the letters to them in a fun way. Remember, all children learn alphabets at different paces. As a parent, expose your kids to letters by making it a part of daily life. Check out these simple and fun activities to introduce alphabets to your child.

  1. Write alphabet “A” on sticky notes and hid them around your room where your toddler can reach out to. Help your child to locate those sticky notes and encourage him to collect and stick them all in one place. It is better to focus on one alphabet at a time. One your child learns an alphabet, you can move to the next alphabets.
  2. Take flour and dump it into a tray or a container. Hide the alphabets throughout the bin. Let your toddler dig inside the tray to find the alphabets using his hands.LETTER HUNT: A simple sensory and literacy activity for toddlers and preschoolers; introducing the alphabet; an easy indoor activity
  3. You can even create a magnetic sensory bin using alphabet magnets and rice in a small plastic container. Mix the rice and letters and let your toddler hunt for the alphabets using a magnet/ magnetic wand. This activity will help your child identify letters, learn about the magnet and also help him have fun playing with rice.
  4. Alphabet puzzles are another amazing way to teach alphabets. It also helps in building their vocabulary and verbal skills.
  5. Take bottle caps and paste different alphabets on each cap. Put the caps in alphabetical order, with letter side down. Let your toddler flip the caps when you say each new letter.Image Sources:

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