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Our process

We are not a traditional preschool and believe that the first few years of a child should be focussed in making them independent, secure and gentle little people. We accept a limited number of admissions as we want to keep our class size small to be able to give our undivided attention to each child.

1. Schedule a Visit

This is the first step to get to know us. We encourage to come see our space, understand why we do what we do. This would help you understand our philosophy and also see our infrastructure.

2. Application Form

To apply for any of our programs, we would need you to fill the application form along with the required documents. You will be required to upload the soft copy of the following while filling the form: Birth Certificate of the child, Passport size photo

3. Child Interaction

After we receive the application, we will get in touch with you to schedule an interaction with the child.

Admission and Orientation

Once the admission formalities are completed, you will receive an intimation about the orientation day. This is scheduled to welcome you and the child into the family and to familiarize with the transition week

Transition Period

Starting a preschool/ daycare is a new experience for a child and a parent. We follow a customized time period for each child as every child has a different transition period. Children take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks to settle down completely. We stagger our admission so we have only a few settling kids at any point of time. This allows us to stay focused on child needing more attention during that time. We require one of the parents/ grandparents/ guardians to be available during the transition period. Children start with one hour a day on day 1 and slowly build up to the full program at Cforcat by the end of the transition period.