Anti- Asthma Diet: Best and worst foods to prevent Asthma in Kids

Asthma – The disease to which we many of us are extensively exposed to, especially kids due to the pollution and toxic contents in the air. Once the babies reach the teenage, they get more prone to embed the diseases. But, can you keep your kid safe from asthma since his toddler days? Yes, you can. Switching to the Anti – Asthma diet will safeguard your kid’s immune system from asthma.

  • Repair Lungs with Fruits: Kids usually tend to get away from fruits and vegetables. But- Fruits are the savior.  Yes. You read that right. Fruits are the key sources which repair your lungs. As suggested by the top researchers, the vitamins i.e. A, C and E, found in fruits act as antioxidants which reduce the airway stress and tissue damage. Thus, antioxidants manage and prevent your kid from asthma.
  • Vegetables for an Escape: Apart from medicines and vaccinations, the natural remedies always work the best. Vegetables are a total escape to asthma. You may involve the below-listed tips to get your kid eat more vegetables:
    – Offer them the choice of their veggies
    – Get their intake of veggies into intervals during the day
    – Create a change in their veggies intake – Try on a ketchup for a change
    – Grill vegetables to make them tastier
  • Milk for better Airflow: Calcium-rich milk is the perfect source to prevent asthma. Make sure your kid’s calcium intake is monitored by you. If your child is drinking a good whole cream milk, then, his chances of getting asthma reduces. If your child is bored of milk, give them other sources of calcium like yogurt and cheese.
  • Cutting Fats with Food: Most of the kids get addicted to the fast foods and end up putting on weight. Make sure you avoid the fast food for your kids like- Burger, French Fries, Oily Snacks, etc. Don’t forget to avoid excessive butter.

So Mommas, make sure you follow the above tips for an amazing future for your child. It’s always better to anticipate than to suffer.

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  1. Kritika says:

    Hello, Tanu. The article is very informative and enjoyed it while reading. Liked all the points and also agreed with all. But I have a doubt, does milk really improves the airflow? This is a new fact for me. Btw, thank you for sharing knowledge.

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