Children and cell phone radiation

​Children are not just little adults; their growing minds and bodies make them uniquely vulnerable to the effects of the environment around them, including cell phone radiation. Because technology is being adopted by children at younger ages than ever before, it’s even more important to investigate if cell phone usage is a health hazard.

Children learn from parents. They see their parents use cell phones. They get cell phones from their parents as gifts for being good students and “adult-like.” But children are not adults. Their bodies are very immature, changing and are extremely sensitive to foreign environmental influences—far more than adults. In fact, there are a wide range of concerns that arise from the exposure of the young to RF EMF, especially from cell phones.

This proliferation of wireless gadgets overlooks a critical health issue for pregnant women, men who wish to father healthy children, and children themselves: non-ionizing or microwave radiation damages the brain and sperm of experimental animals. A cellphone is a two-way microwave radio with intermittent and destabilizing pulses, unlike microwave ovens that steadily operate at the same frequencies. The weak and erratic microwave radiation from cellphones and tablets cannot directly break the bonds that hold molecules together, but does disrupt DNA, weakens the brain’s protective barrier, and releases highly reactive and damaging free radicals. A five-year-old’s brain, healthy or otherwise, is encased in a thinner skull and contains more fluid than an adult brain. The bone marrow of a child’s head absorbs 10 times more radiation than an adult, while those of infants and toddlers will absorb even more.

Generally speaking, biological health may be impacted by RF radiation exposure by one of two proposed mechanisms.First, there may be thermal effects, caused by holding cell phones close to the body and having extended conversations over long periods of time.

Young kids’ brains are developing, cell phones are specially risky for them-

Children are always the most vulnerable victims of electropollution. The pioneering studies conducted by Om. P. Gandhi of the University of Utah demonstrated that when it comes to electromagnetic fields, children’s thinner skulls and bones allow them to absorb twice the amount of radiation as grownups. Radiation can more deeply penetrate their brain tissue which is more conductive than an adult’s because it contains a higher concentration of fluids and ions. One study found that a cell phone call lasting only two minutes causes brain hyperactivity that persists for an hour in children.

How can we limit cell phone radiation for our kids?

-Limit the frequency and length of calls to about two minutes max.

-Let your fingers do the talking with texting instead.

-If you cannot use the speaker mode, than consider an air tube headset which is non-conductive.

-Avoid making calls in cars, elevators, trains, and buses.  The cell phone works harder to get a signal out through metal, so the power level increases.  Any metal container like the car or elevator will also cause the waves to bounce around boosting their intensity.

-Keep an eye out of the bars.  Don’t use your cell phone when the signal is weak or when you are traveling at higher speeds in a car or train; this automatically boosts the power to maximum as the phone attempts to connect to a new relay antenna.




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