Constipation in Toddlers: Symptoms and Treatment

Till the time parenthood knocks the door, few parents start getting concerned over the upcoming situations with their babies. One such circumstance is the bowel habits of a kid. The bowel habits of a toddler could be affected by certain aspects followed with his eating habits and the sensitivity possessed. Constipation is an issue which every parent come across during the development years of a toddler. It refers to the trouble child goes through during hard bowel motion. Toddlers with constipation often have an irregular bowel motion.

Causes of Constipation:

There maybe number of reasons why your toddler is going through the constipation. Here’s few of the reasons which might be affecting your kid having a good motion:

  • Your kid might be holding poo while playing games and don’t want to get through to the toilet
  • Lack of fiber in the diet leading to the illness enabling him to eat and drink less
  • Weight Loss and Poor Growth
  • Lower energy level
  • Excessive intake of milk
  • A tear in the skin next to anus make it worse, threatening and painful for a kid to poo

In some cases, constipation would occur causing the passage painful and bleeding at times. This often gets worse when the kid holds back harder.

Symptoms to be Looked Upon:

Sometimes, for the new parents, it gets hard to identify if the child is suffering from constipation. Some of the signs which will help you identify the constipation in your child are:

  • Child confessing about the pain he suffers during the motion
  • Arising complaints of pain in tummy or Stomach Ache
  • Loosing unintentionally in their pants or soiling. This condition is also referred to as Faecal incontinence
  • Other physical and behavioral signs – Crossing Legs, feeling irritated, Crying, sudden refusal to go to the toilet, avoiding and running around

Treating Constipation:

To treat constipation, a child must have a good bowel habits. Mommas’ we’ve got some suggestions for you which might help you get through it:

  • Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables – Food with rich fiber content
  • Encourage your kid to exercise more
  • Ensure the regular toilet habits
  • Use laxative – only when required. Make sure you don’t make it a habit for every time your kid is constipated
  • Seek medical advice

Fortunately, kids get through with such problems in their early age. Thus, the sooner we identify, the sooner it is treated.


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