Fun Ways to Teach Colors to a Child

Teaching colors to kids requires a lot of patience and understanding as it is not as easy as other activities like teaching alphabets or numbers. It is very important for a parent to know when and how to teach colors to kids.

When do Kids learn Colors?Children generally start to identify colors by 18 months. But it takes a much longer time for kids to fully understand and name different colors. Most children are able to name different colors by the time they are 3 years.

How to teach colors to kids? Teaching colors to kids do not have age limits and you can teach the art of identifying colors from the beginning.The best way to introduce colors to toddlers is by talking about colors repeatedly. Instead of simply saying “look at the dog”you should say”look at the black dog”.

  • BASIC COLORS: Toddlers usually love bright colors. Start teaching them the basic colors like Red, green, yellow, blue first before you go beyond these four colors.
  • COLOR MATCHING: You can help your child to learn colors by matching them. For example, you can ask your child to pick up objects of the same color. The next day, pick objects from a different color.
  • POINTING COLORS: You can ask your child to point out the color of different objects at the grocery store or on the road.
  • SURROUNDING: Babies learn quite fast. One of the best ways to help your baby learn to understand colors is to have bright colors in their rooms such as red, pink, blue and green. You can even teach them colors by mentioning the color of the toy.
  • MEAL TIME: For toddlers, use mealtime to teach about colors like when you serve a food, introduce the food with its color like red apples, white rice etc.
  • ENVIRONMENT: Kids love to observe various things around them. You can find colors in everyday scenarios and point out their colors such as the blue sky and green trees.

So next time if you get frustrated with your child while teaching him colors, just take a minute to think about how complicated the concept of colors is for the young child.  So have patience moms!


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