How good is ghee for your toddler?

Since ages it has been used as a traditional ingredient in Indian delicacies. Highly rich in fat and a source of Vitamin A, D and E – Ghee contains Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) which in turn facilitates the growth as well as the development of the kids brain. But mothers, ever wondered, apart from those big health benefits, how else does Ghee benefit your child?

Here’s the list:

– Immunity: Ghee is a great source to make your kids immune system extremely strong due to its properties. Ghee works as an anti-oxidant and pertains anti-viral properties. On the other hand, it is both anti-fungal and Anti-Bacterial. Intake of Ghee, on a regular basis, will boost the eye sight of your child and improve his digestion

– Massage Oil: Yes- You read that right – Ghee works best when used as a massage oil. Massages for the infancts are a necessity for better blood circulation and growth. This becomes a major aspect during winters. It is best recommended to use Ghee to massage your child during the winters. It works best in winters due to its basic property of protecting the body from cold. Also, Ghee decreases the chances of infection during winters

– Treating Dry Cough: Dry cough is what bothers the babies most during the winter season. Intake of Ghee is recommended as the best treatment for the dry cough. For instance, applying peppercorns in a hot spoon of Ghee and going it to the child will provide with an instant relief. Though kids do not prefer peppercorns –  you may saute it first to get it taste better

after going through the great ideas for this winter season – Another major concern arises over the measurement of the amount of Ghee a kid must intake. Here’s the solution:

– Add Ghee Ind Mashed Potatoes

– Use Ghee instead of cooking oil while making meals

– Make eateries with Ghee – Eg: Dosa, idli or Daliya

– Apply Ghee in Kichdi

– Do not forget to add Ghee in Daal and chapati

– if your kid loves it directly, then, do not hesitate to give him Ghee in a spoon

Excess Ghee is never recommended. This may lead to development of fat and loss of appetite. Ideally, you should not give more than one teaspoon of ghee a day to your toddler as there are other food also contributing to the fat percentage in their daily meals.


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