Is your child happy? Few simple tips to know how your child feels!

do you have a happy child

Can a child “not” be happy? With parents? Especially after making them the center of your world? Read on to find out if you have a happy child.

As your child grows up they show signs of their emotional well being, sometimes subtle and at other times vivid. The following are not an exhaustive list but just a few pointers to find out if your child is happy. It is important to be aware of our child’s emotional health and identify problems while it is still small and manageable.

Looks satisfied with toys

Kids rarely say that they don’t want more toys. However, does your child keep pestering you for buying toys that other children have and looks dissatisfied with even the best one he/she has? When at a store your child doesn’t settle for a couple of toys and wanders throwing tantrums to buy everything?

Has a positive outlook to get back home from a picnic

Sure, you had a fun day out. But watch out for your kids’ behavior when they are getting back home. Do they get visibly upset, irritable or sulk to get back home?

Talks positively about family

It’s interesting to listen to kids talking among themselves. My daughter came home the other day and said how her friend complains about her parents often. My daughter asked me why she wouldn’t  talk about good things like how they went out as a family, for example? Well, whatever is the reason might be, it needs urgent looking into.

Socially active

Is your child happy to be with friends? Or, does your child behaves awkward and is not comfortable with children of similar age group?  

Isn’t upset for too long 

There are umpteen numbers of things that can cause a child to be distressed or upset. However, does the child bounce back quickly or does the child remain disturbed for too long?

Your child loves to talk to you

Does your child love to give you updates about his/her day? Is he excited to tell that little joke that he might have shared with his friend at school? Or, does he tell you what bothered him about the teacher that day? Making you a part of their every day happiness and problems is a sign of a happy child.

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