Nutritionist Recommended Best Foods for Babies during Teething

Teething is an important milestone, which starts from 4 – 6 months of age. As every child develops differently teething too is a different experience for each baby.

Nutrition plays a vital role in growth & development of babies. Late teething can be caused due to numerous factors one of them being deficiency of certain vitamins & minerals. Dhvani Shah, a Naturopathic Nutritionist shares a list of vitamins and minerals that help in the process of teething.

Pushing their way through the muscle, teeth grow incredibly slow. This causes an inflammation around the skin so one has to be very careful while feeding the baby with food as certain food can cause discomfort.

Calcium is a mineral that is extremely essential for healthy teeth, bones, nerves & muscles. According to RDA infants (upto 12months) require 500mgs of calcium per day. So it becomes important to give bio available calcium to babies. Some of the major sources being barley (jau), til (sesame seeds), sprouts, spinach.

“SUNSHINE VITAMIN” as the name suggests, slight exposure to sunlight is all what you need for getting Vitamin D in the body. Its deficient can delay the process of tooth eruption. Without VIT D only 15% of dietary Calcium is absorbed. Unlike other vitamins VIT D can also be generated in the body. Some of the sources of VIT D include mushrooms, milk, cheese.

Fluorine is an important nutrient that helps mineralization of tooth. It helps prevent cavities & tooth decay. Nowadays people are incorporating fluorine in local water supply, food sources include goat milk, cabbage, avocado, caraway seeds (ajwain).

To support growth process phosphate becomes necessary. It promotes tooth eruption and prevents dental caries. Food sources of phosphate include almonds, barley, pumpkin seeds, lentils.

About Dhvani Shah
(RD, ND, PG (Dietetics), BSc, C.D.E).

Dhvani Shah is a practitioner of the “FIMS theory” that represents Food as Medicine & Supplement. She has extensively researched in traditional Indian, Chinese and Tibetan food therapies and amalgamates it with Modern nutrition. She uses the power of food as medicine to design unique nutrition programs for children, women, sportsmen & illnesses.

Dhvani Shah has conducted 150+ workshops, authored over 7+ books, developed 5000+ health recipes, is a nutrition consultant for 45+ health products, catering services and corporate kitchens and is a regular columnist with leading newspapers, magazines and blogs. She is a columnist with leading newspapers and magazines. She is a panelist for leading parenting blogs, health websites & mobile apps. She is successfully running two clinics in Mumbai and an online clinic ( for patients from over 15 countries.

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