Planning a trip to the Zoo? Things to keep in mind

Visit to the zoo is an event every child looks forward to. It is of utmost importance to ensure proper checklist is adhered to while packing for the most awaited visit.

Detailed check of zoo timings and available facilities
It is best to find out details like zoo timings, travel time to the spot, parking facility, ticket booking procedure, cost of entry tickets, online booking if required, availability of food, the feasibility of wheelchairs for oldies or strollers for infants and toddlers. Complete knowledge and good planning will make things easier at the zoo.

Setting expectations right
Kids love watching animals and birds they have always seen in their books or on their computers. They may have certain pictures clicked in their mind and would want their trip to match up with these ideal setups. Hence, it is best to let the children know what animals and birds they may expect to watch at the zoo. It would also be a good idea to carry a book along and keep referring to pictures in the book so that children can relate better to all the creatures they watch.

Appropriate dressing and footwear
Most of the zoos have a lot of open space and require a lot of walking. Proper clothing keeps one at ease and makes those long walks easier. Comfortable footwear enables smooth walk and makes the trip less tiring. Hats or caps may also be carried according to one’s preference.

Provision to preserve memories
The best part of a visit to the zoo is the loads of pictures we get to click with the varied animals. Hence, it is important to carry a good camera or digital camera to click lots of snaps and loads of videos.

Strollers for young ones
Visit to the zoo may be tiring for little babies. Strollers make their movement easier and they tend to enjoy their trip more.

Adequate stock of food and water
Though these are available in the zoo, it is best to carry enough stock of snacks and water from home. Visit to the zoo may be a full day-long programme and may involve walking for long hours; hence it is best to be completely prepared for everything that might be required. Regular sipping of water also helps in keeping kids hydrated especially during summers.

Mosquito patches, insect repellents and hand hygiene
Since there is a lot of open space and greenery in most of the zoos, there are high chances of mosquitoes and insects in these areas. Best practice would be to keep oneself protected by applying repellents like Odomos or roll on or mosquito patches. Carrying wet tissues and hand sanitizer are also good hygienic habits.

Use of sunglasses and sunscreen
These are a must to keep oneself protected from the scorching heat during sunny days and also to prevent tanning. Application of sunscreen lotion especially during summers will prevent rashes and burns.

Check for articles not allowed by Zoo authorities in their premises
Zoos have their own set of rules and may not allow pets. These don’ts should be checked specifically while planning a trip to the zoo.Zoos may also not allow roller skates, skateboards, bicycles, etc. It is best to check the rules before deciding on carrying any of these.

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