Why play dough should be a part of your toddler’s activity

What is it about play dough that makes it interesting to parents? Is it the texture, the colour or the endless possibilities of immersing oneself in the creative world. Not only is play dough a great source of engagement, it is one of the best tools for fine motor development.

Lets have a look at various benefits play dough offers:

  • Fine Motor Skill Development: Play dough is one of the most recommended activity for developing the fine motor skills of a child. The dough enables the strengthening of muscles due to the activities involved while using dough – Squashing, Rolling, Flattening. The process makes those little hands work more efficiently and generate the skills motor development.  On the other hand, apart from the using hands directly on the dough, the kid starts learning the techniques used for cutting the dough by scissors, followed with learning to use the tweezers.
  • Art of patience:  Mothers, take a note, simply by squashing or rolling the dough, kids starts developing the calm within themselves. This soothing activity generates a composed feelings followed with the relaxation. Other benefits attached to those are – improved focus and concentration, eased tension and stress and release of extra energy
  • Better Sensory Development: Play dough is the best solution to enforce the coordination in your kid. With the usage of different patterns and colours, the kid start to develop a better hand – eye coordination. This enforces a better and speedy sensory development.
  • Better Imagination: The best thing about the Play dough is it comes in different varieties. Get your kids a variety of material to make the patterns – Cupcakes, Christmas tree, Birds, animals, houses, gardens and many more. This variety of materials will initiate a better development of creativity and an imagination to how to take it further
  • Social Skills: This is the best thing you could ever do it with your kid. Let him play in group and this is when he will learn the effectiveness of team work. Do not get afraid to introduce him with different kids. Also, it is recommended that you devote your time with him and make your own creative stuff out of the Play dough

Mommas, I am sure you must be all set to get the Play dough to your kid. Of-course, who knew this little dough could lead to such great benefits to your Little ones.

Image Source: https://probablyactually.wordpress.com

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