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Early Maths Kit with Clock

The Early Math kit is meant to introduce the basic math concept of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. it provides an interface for the kids to make learning fun and in a format they are used to. This Early Maths Kit also has a black board they can use for practicing writing skills. Early Maths Kit comes with a clock attached to make the kids learn the concept of time.

  • Wooden Box with numbers and early maths function
  • Black board with chalk and duster to practice writing
  • Clock to learn about the concept of time

Minimum Recommended Age: 4 years

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Early Maths Kit: As preschoolers learn early math concepts, Early Maths Kit provide them with opportunities to build a strong foundation for a successful future. The hands-on tools included in this Early Maths Kit will help young students as they explore essential math concepts such as counting, measurement, and geometry.
All products were carefully chosen to help students:
  • Connect numbers and counting to everyday experiences
  • Identify and sort objects by measurable attributes
  • Create and describe patterns
  • Recognize and compare common shapes
  • Includes free storage bin for storage
Educational Benefits
  • Learning Style: Visual Tactile
  • Skills: Number identification, Counting, Fine motor skills, Imaginative play, Matching, Critical thinking, Motor planning, Following directions, Sorting, Patterning, Identifying shapes, Imaginative play, Organization, Measurements, Attributes, Spatial relationships, Symmetry, Problem solving, Parts-to-whole concept, Eye-hand coordination


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