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Farm Animals Flash Cards

These beautifully designed Farm Animals Flash Cards are ideal for helping kids learn and recognise Farm Animals. These have been tested with toddlers and have been a great tool in reinforcing first step to learning language at home or school.

Minimum Recommended Age: 18 months

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The Farm Animals Flash Cards are designed to keep the size optimal for kids to hold and packaging is compact and durable.

The Farm Animals Flash Cards can be used throughout the growing years of your child with an increasing difficulty level. A few game ideas have been included in the box to use with the Flash Card .

When introducing vocabulary to young learners, it’s great to use real items that capture children’s attention. However, it’s not always possible or realistic for teachers to use real items in the classroom. Flashcards can be a great way to introduce new vocabulary so that learners have a very clear understanding of the word or concept.

When using flashcards or picture cards to introduce vocabulary in the classroom, try to create some suspense or mystery about the cards. kids are more receptive to learning when they are curious. Rather than just flipping through the cards and having students repeat the words, incorporate the cards into activities. This will help kids be more invested and more likely to remember the words.

Reinforce the vocabulary words in other parts of your lesson, such as in a storytime book, a worksheet or a song. Have the kids help you create meaningful gestures for the words that you can use while singing together.

The Box contains 20+1 Farm Animals Flash Cards.

Skills: Linguistic Skills, Cognitive Skills



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