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magnetic dress up dolls with Black Board

  • These adorable play set feature magnetic doll with white board
  • Plenty of clothing and accessory pieces for hours of dress-up fun
  • multiple  magnetic dress up dolls play sets in 1!
  • kids love to play dress-up and exchange mix-and-match outfits!
  • Encourages hand-eye coordination, color and pattern recognition, and creativity
  • Comes with a wooden box to keep things safe and at a single place.

The magnetic dress up dolls is an activity kit for kids where they can use the pieces of the puzzle to put different dresses on the girl. The box has cards showing different dresses a girl is wearing. The child has to select the right pieces of the dresses on the magnetic dress up dolls and put it on the magnetic board. The box has a set of stands to put the board upright and also comes with a black board on one side along with chalk and duster. If Your Kids are fussy in dressing up, this one is sure for you.

Dressing up in costumes is an important type of play that every child needs to experience. Children seek it out naturally. Today your kids will play as pirates, tomorrow they are superheroes, the next day lords and ladies at a tea party.

1. Dress up play fosters the kids imagination

Children have vast, open imaginations. They aren’t constrained by what they know about the world; their minds can go anywhere. They’ll make connections you and I never would because just don’t know any better.

2. Dress up play lets them explore themselves

By pretending to be other people, children experiment with new ideas and behaviors. They can decide what they like and what they don’t. They can explore the elements of a new identify and take back to themselves whatever they like.

3. Dress up play strengthens relationships

Playing with costumes is a strong lesson in empathy. By “living” the life of someone else, your child has to put themselves in that person’s shoes. How do they feel? What are their motivations? How would they behave in certain situations?

4. Dress up play establishes gender identification

While there aren’t any hard-and-fast rules for gender identity, most people fall into typical categories. As children play with costumes, they experiment with different gender identities and the behaviors of those characters.

5. Dress up play improves communication

Dress up forces children to experiment with new language. They have to anticipate what, for example, a ballerina would say, or how a space explorer would speak. This gives them chance to practice with words and phrases they wouldn’t normally use.

The costumes they use reinforce the scenarios so that these rituals have profound positive effects on their development. Here are the benefits of playing with costumes.

Skills: Imaginative, Cognitive

Minimum Required Age: 3 years old.


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