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Zig Zag Cars

 Zig Zag Car Slider is a fascinating toy with four little cars that run down curved race tracks, flip over at the end and rattle all the way to the bottom.


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Zig Zag cars is a new take on the classic toy of sliding the object down a cascading tower. The smooth movement of the cars on the slide make for a visual delight while the movement of the cars one after the other can keep the children engaged for a very long time.

How to Play: Place the cars on the top of the tower and slide it down one after the other. Watch the cars slide down with the swift movement and clack sound.

  • This colourful  slide includes four ramps on different levels
  • At the end of each level the car will somersault onto the next level
  • Great bright colours encourage your child to interact with the toy
  • Each set includes 3 cars

This colourful wooden car and ramp set will provide hours of fun for your little one. When a car reaches the end of a ramp it somersaults to the next level until it reaches the floor. Each set includes 3 cars and is suitable for children aged over 3 years.

Helps in: Dexterity, Visual Sense, Hand Eye Co-ordination, Concentration, Fine motor skills


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