Recipes to help keep kids hydrated this summer

Summer is on and it is extremely important for all of us to stay hydrated, particularly for the younger ones. Children ask for water only when they are thirsty but by that time they are already 30% dehydrated. Instead, they should be offered water and other drink every 30 minutes, is what is suggested by experts.

If your child is refusing to drink the plain and boring water, try out any of these options and make sipping fun for them and help them stay hydrated. However, sugary drink should be avoided as much possible. So here are a few tried and tested methods to ensure you child is hydrated.

Watery fruit and vegetables
To stay hydrated, relax, water is not the only option! You can always offer watery fruits and veggies to your children. Fruits like watermelon, cucumber, strawberry are high in water content. Vegetables like broccoli and celery are also good options. To make it more fun, make a yummy fruit salad with a twist. Small cubed watermelon with a pinch of lemon and salt is not just refreshing and help to stay hydrated but the sweet and tangy flavor will surely give a tickle to the taste bud! Even your picky eater is going to love it, give it a try!

Make your own popsicles
Use fruit puree or fruit juice (without any added sugar), put them into molds and keep in freezer. Your own fruity Popsicle is ready to treat your little one!

Offer water
Let your kid take a sip every 30 minutes. To start with, set a reminder alarm and offer them water even if they are not thirsty. Children should also take enough water before starting any exercise especially in summer. Encourage your child to choose their sippers or color their water bottles so that they keep up the habit of drinking water regularly. Children also love flavored water. In a glass bottle, keep a slice of lemon/ mint leaves/ orange slices infused and let your child sip it throughout the day.

Coconut water
Fresh tender coconut water is a big hit – both among children and adults. Offer children freshly bought coconut water with a straw. Even better, make a fruit drink punch with coconut water and serve it inside the tender coconut!

Khus sherbet/Lassi/buttermilk
Khus sherbet is a popular drink in Indian household during summer. Khush is a fragrant herb that gives an aromatic flavor and helps the body to stay cool. Lassi/buttermilk are other options to keep children hydrated. To make lassi, take curd in a glass, add water, sugar, salt and give a good mix. To add a fruity punch to it, you can blend in mango pulp too!

Summer means holiday time for kids. Let them do what they do best – run around, play outdoors, swim or climb a tree. In the process, they sweat and lose important body electrolytes. Hence it is extremely important that they stay hydrated, drink and eat enough and rest properly. If you notice any dehydration symptoms including dry lips, decreased urine output, dark concentrated smelly urine, drowsiness, irritability, etc, please consult your child’s pediatrician.

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