Self Feeding: How to introduce Finger Food to Your Child

There comes the time when your baby start snatching the spoon from you and try to feed themselves on their own. This is the perfect moment for you to introduce your kid with the finger food. Self feeding is not just a development milestone but its a great habit to teach your child so they enjoy not just the food but the process of eating. Self feeding a great activity as well and helps improve both Gross and Fine Motor Skills. To understand more about self feeding, you can also read about Baby Lead Weaning and the best practises.

What are Finger Foods:

These foods are referred to as easy to east pieces which your baby could consume by himself. They are easy to handle and allows the kid to feed himself. It is one of the most significant aspect in a child’s development to get him introduced with the finger food. This initiate better development of sensations, confidence and activeness in a child.

Initially your kid will play around with the food and may roll it over its face – but – once you train them, they will immediately learn to get the food at the right place. That’s when the baby will learn to use its fingers and thumb to pick up the food.

Best Finger Foods for Babies:

Ever wondered what food to start with for the process of making your baby independent? Here’s a list of best finger food which you should offer to your baby:

  • Bread
  • Cheese
  • Fruits – Banana, Apple, etc.
  • Boiled Veggies – Sweet Potatoes, Peas, Carrot
  • Boiled Egg

These foods, when cut into pieces will be the best eatables for your baby as they cover a big portion of proteins and are healthy to consume.

Finger Foods to Avoid:

Not every food which is handful is healthy for your kid. There are certain foods which you may avoid. Check out the list of the finger foods you must avoid:

  • Popcorns
  • Nuts
  • Raisins
  • Hard Fruits like grapes
  • Raw Veggies (Carrot)

All the foods mentioned above may choke the wind pipe of the kid. Thus, these must be avoided.

It’s always a pleasure to watch your kid grow and become self-dependent. Make sure you provide him with the best finger food which will initiate the proper development without any risks. The foods enriched with rich nutrients and protein will provide a speedy and nourished development of the kid’s brain.

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