Sensory Play Activities for Babies

Babies are constantly learning and developing new skills. Sensory play is important for small children as it helps them discover the world they live in.

  • Sensory activities help a baby to learn about the world around him through his senses.
  • It helps the baby to examine and explore.
  • Sensory activities help in developing and enhancing memory.
  • It helps in motor skill development, language development, cognitive growth, problem-solving skills, and social interaction.
  • Sensory play is great for calming an anxious or cranky baby.

Here is a collection of simple sensory play activities for babies to assist in the development of the sensory and the motor skills.

Sensory Board

Take a simple cardboard and paste different textures like clothes, paper, plastic, fur and even grains onto it. Let your child touch these different textures and each time he touches them, you must introduce the texture’s name to him.

Building Blocks

Building blocks are the one of the oldest and yet the best when it comes to infant sensory activities. They sharpen your baby’s sight, reasoning, touch and muscle sense too. They come in various colors, shapes and sizes that helps the baby to categorize.


If your baby loves ball, then he will surely love this activity. Place various types of balls in front of your baby and let him explore and touch each one of them. Make sure you include balls of different sizes, colors, texture and even weight.


Foods are a great way to introduce textures and tastes to babies. You can help your baby learn about different textures of different kinds of food and teach them the names of those foods. Make your baby feel pasta, pancakes, bread, biscuits, pastries, grains and much more. You can also help them learn about the sense of smell using food.

Music Basket

Create a basket with sounds for your baby.Put things that make different noises and sound in the basket. Let the baby explore the sounds.

Treasure Basket

Just like music basket, you can create a treasure basket. You can add different things like plastic bottles, paper cups, plastic and steel spoons, ribbon, wooden toy etc. Make sure the objects inside it are interesting to look at, feel and taste, yet safe and non-toxic.The basket promotes curiosity and a desire to investigate, which are wonderful skills.

Sensory Bottles
Babies love to grab various objects. Create a sensory bottle by filling empty bottles with different materials like rice, coins and lentils etc. Help your child to experiment with the different sounds the bottle makes.


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