Separation Anxiety in Children

Separation Anxiety seems huge with its name, but it is one of the most common milestone in the child’s development. When a child is 6 months or more, s/he starts getting exposed and connected to the outside world more in terms of the behaviour. They start getting attached and more comfortable with the people they frequently have around them and the sensory development also starts to stimulate in a faster pace. This is when the anxiety within the child starts acting upon. For instance, if they dont not find you near them, they will cry until they get to see you.

Symptoms of Anxiety:

Though the process of development is joyful, but it is obvious to encounter the situations packed with bundles of crying and frustration on both ends. Look on the symptoms of Separation Anxiety:

  • Interrupted Sleep: This symptom is the most common to diagnose the anxiety your kid is going through. He will wake up in the middle of the night and start crying. This will happen when seeking the reassurance that you are present for him. Babies often get their sleep interrupted to get assured of your presence. Your baby may also face issues while sleeping on time
  • Loneliness: Baby starts crying the moment you leave for a loo? Ever happened? This is very normal. The most common cause is the anxiety he develops when you leave him for a minute and he start feeling lonely. Make sure you have yourself around your baby at most times because it is of no use to let him go independent at this stage – This will in turn leave him agitated for long
  • Change in Playing Habits: If your baby craves for your attention while playing the games and cannot play it on himself, then, he is for sure going through the anxiety issues. The behavioral changes impact your child and he stops playing alone. Also, the kids tend to get detached from their favorite toys. Thus, you end up convincing your child about yourself being around him

Treating the Separation Anxiety:

Parenthood is an adventurous ride and that’s where you get to learn about keeping the calm. There are many ways you can apply to get your child relaxed:

  • Make sure you don’t leave your child when he is awake. If you want to leave, you may take an exit while he is sleeping
  • Involve your kid with as many people as you can. This will create a security and comfort when you are not around
  • Avoid Long Absences
  • Take a hold on your irritation and anger. Make sure you don’t yell and keep the child crying for long
  • Play games like hide and seek to make him learn about the different situations

Parents, your calm and composed behavior is the key to cure the anxiety. It is the most common situation which occurs during the development of a kid. So, take a deep breath and enjoy the process !!!

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