Smart ways to keep your child busy while cooking

How do you cook peacefully when you have a toddler demanding every bit of your attention, and energy, constantly? This is pretty much “kahani ghar ghar ki” and a real challenge for mums in general; it can be unnerving to mums especially in a nuclear family with elder, school-going kids.

Here are a few simple and smart ways to keep your child busy while cooking, without having to clone yourself.

  1. Wheat dough activity

This is a very handy activity to keep your kids busy for a long time, trust me! This is also easily available in any Indian kitchen and a quickie when you are in a hurry and already exhausted.

Make an egg-sized ball of wheat dough and depending on the age of your child, give them dals, googly eyes or long straws /sphagetti to fix in the dough.

Benefits: It not only improves the fine motor skills but holds the attention of the child long enough to finish your work.

  1. The pom-pom balls activity

Give 2-3 cups and colorful pom-pom balls of different sizes and see for yourself how well you can keep your child busy while cooking. Encourage the child to transfer the pom-pom balls from one cup to another, one by one. To make the activity more fun, challenging and engaging you can introduce tongs in the activity. The child can pick up the pom-pom balls with the tongs and transfer them from one cup to another.

Alternatively, you can use soya chunks and/or pasta instead of pom-pom balls.

Benefit: The child will invariably create different sounds with the chunks which will help in sensory stimulation along with developing motor skills and concentration.

  1. Straw activity

Do you have empty tissue paper rolls at your home? Now is the time to grab them and use it for good.

Straws are a star performer in holding the child’s attention for a long time. The child will enjoy putting the straws inside the tissue roll. For toddlers who can recognize colors, you can introduce color sorting to make it a little more challenging.

Alternatively, you can cut the straws into different sizes and ask the child to put only the short or long straws inside the tissue rolls.

Benefit: Helpful in decision making, fine motor skills and spatial skills.

Image Source: Busy Toddler

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