My Story: How I lost two kids to RH Sensitization

What is RH Sensitization?

If you are Rh-negative,  red blood cells do not have a marker called Rh factor, while Rh-positive blood does have this marker. If your blood mixes with Rh-positive blood, your immune system will react to the Rh factor by making antibodies to destroy it. This immune system response is called Rh sensitization.

It can occur during pregnancy.  If you are Rh-negative and pregnant with a Rh-positive baby, the antibodies in your blood could attack the baby’s red blood cells. This can cause the baby to have serious problems. Shradha Tufchi shares with us how RH sensitization affected her and her pregnancy.

I have lost two of my babies because I was not aware of the fact that I m a RH sensitized mother.. I first lost my baby in the eighth month of my pregnancy as it was stillborn and the doctors misguided us saying that I had herpes infection which affected my baby. I felt terrible when I heard it was because of me that my baby suffered this infection.

But during my second pregnancy, I did a lot of tests which showed that I was never affected by herpes infection in my life. I really felt bad that I was misguided by my doctor. So I decided that I will do all the tests to check what had been the cause of the problem.I was waiting for the reports but to my surprise, all the test were alright nothing was wrong.. I felt good and I was hoping everything will be fine in this pregnancy. I did ultrasounds every month from the experts and everything went fine until the 9th month.

Suddenly I experienced labour and I immediately went to the doctor and they did baby’s stress test but there seemed to be a problem so my doctor advised that we need to perform a csection. The doctor said we will do stress test again after every two hrs..and finally, things went worstand I gave birth to my baby. My baby was not fine he had breathing problem so they rushed him to NICU. After admitting my baby in the hospital after his test we came to know that he has been affected by rh factor. As I have a negative blood group and my husband is positive blood group this complication had arisen. I was not aware of this fact that this could be a major problem. In rh factor baby ‘s hemoglobin ruptures as mother’s antibodies attack baby’ blood group as body think that their is an infection in blood when mother’s blood mixes with baby’s blood. This problem arises when mother and baby ‘s blood group differs. I mean if baby ‘s blood group is negative then this problem is not there. .Rh is very complicated.

I wanted to know how I got sentisitized to rh factor then I realized that just before my marriage, I had got dengue and my platelets had gone down to 8000 which should have been 1. 5 lakh and Dr had to give me platelets and during that I had got reaction of the blood transfusion given to me at that time. In platelets, they do not check the blood group while giving transfusion which led me to get Rh sensitized. It is a very rare case that’s the reason I felt like sharing. I lost my second baby after 10 days giving birth to him. I was shattered and even my husband suffered a lot. I decided that I will come out of this situation and decided to learn meditation. It helped me a lot. It’s nowthat we are so scared of this situation that we have not been trying for a baby since 2 years now.This situation disturbs everybody in the family and even the doctors appear shaken when they hear our history. Hope something better than the scary intrauterine transfusion come up soon and lessens the mortalities.


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