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The goal of today's article is to introduce activities which increase sitting tolerance, concentration and focus, cognition and fine motor skills. Sitting calmly at one place is difficult for toddlers and young kids. Especially if they are on the spectrum. Please Note that I am a mother and not an expert. However, I strongly think that the activities which I will narrate below will also help parents to keep their kids engaged through the day. First few things though, allow fidgeting. If it is too much that means that child requires movement. They need a way to get more sensory input. Teach them to recognize this, and ask for a break to stim or move around. Learning to ask for a break is an important skill for children. If they cant themselves, look for signs. Coming to some of the activities which I do with my son, here are the images and also the purposes of each activity.  

Puzzles are an important tool for children to learn physical, cognitive, social and emotional skills. Let us find out how puzzles help in child’s development. Problem Solving Skills: Puzzles enhance problem-solving skills of children. It provides an opportunity to practice