Tips to Keep Your Child Safe This Holi

We are just one day away from Holi, the festival of color which everyone looks forward to, especially kids. But with all the fun, aftermath can sometimes be unpleasant with skin rashes, allergies and even blindness in extreme cases. The colors, water balloons are very dangerous, so kids need to be more careful than adults.Here are some tips to keep in mind for our kids to ensure a safe and pleasant holi.

Use safe organic colors

Chemical based toxic colors available in the market can cause skin infection, rashes, breathing issues and even eye damage. It is advisable to use certified organic colors for your children that is skin safe. If possible you can make your own colors at home using turmeric, flour etc. Ensure that the kids do not put the colours in their eyes or mouth.

Avoid water balloons

Even though water balloons are extremely fun to play with but discourage kids from throwing balloons on each other. They can cause eye, skin and ear injuries if thrown on the person. Pichkaaris are a better option than water balloons.

Keep an eye on kids

It is crucial to supervise your kids while playing holi and ensure that they do not play with any stranger. Keep a close watch on them and ensure that they play at a nearby place. Also discourage them from playing in dirty water and using hard colors. Moreover if there is a large drum or tub for water, there are chances of kids falling in while playing. So, keep an eye on your child to avoid any kind of accident. Your kids must play Holi within the premises  and with people you know.

Proper Clothing 

Dress your child appropriately during the festival. More the skin is covered, better it is during Holi. Pick up clothes that cover more skin like full sleeves top and long pants to prevent any damage to the skin. Also, remember to use old cotton clothes which can be discarded after the celebrations.

Take care of eye 

While the child is playing Holi, make sure that the harmful colors do not affect his/her eyes. If anytime the colors enter your child’s eye, immediately wash the eyes with plenty of water. In case of excessive pain or redness, take your child immediately to the doctor.

Skin care before Holi

Before your child heads out to play with others, it is very important to apply coconut oil or petroleum jelly to the skin. It will help form a protective layer and will stop the colors from living any stains on the skin.

Skin care after Holi

Gently massage your child’s skin with besan and curd and bathe in warm water. This will help to take off the color and clean the body.

Hope these above tips will make the Holi celebrations fun for you and your child. Happy Holi!



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