Ways to Entertain Young Kids During Long Flights

Are you flying with a young kid who can’t sit still? This article will help you with some great tips on how to keep your little one entertained during a flight journey.

Traveling with kids can be intimidating, especially if you are flying with a toddler. Sitting in an aeroplane for several hours is definitely not their definition of fun. They get bored easily, so we parents need to create an enjoyable journey for them so that they remain occupied for long hours.

  1. Comfortable Clothing: Dress your toddler in comfortable clothing and shoes and also carry her favourite stuffed animal or doll so that she gets cosy and takes a nap.
  2. Story Time: Buy some new books from the airport and get your toddler excited about it or else carry some of her favourite books and read to her during the flight.
  3. Drawing and Crayons: If your child is not very fond of reading, then carry some crayons, paper, and colouring books. Most of the kids like to colour and moreover, they might enjoy some mid-air colouring time. Sometimes pens and crayons falling on the floor can be very annoying for both you and fellow passengers, so carry a drawing board or slate with a pen attached to it with a string so that it doesn’t get lost.
  4. Stock up on snacks: Food and drink are great entertainers for kids. Pack healthy snacks which will last for a while and which your kid likes and enjoys eating. Carry drinks which they can sip during taking off and landing so that they don’t concentrate on the air pressure.
  5. New Toys: Buy some new toys or puzzles and do not show them to your kids unless you take off. You may even carry some stickers and give them a sheet of paper to stick, this will keep them engaged for some time.
  6. Go for walk: Kids love exploring and can be frustrated when they have to sit for hours in a seat. When the seatbelt sign is off, take your toddler for a little walk through the aisle, show her new things and make them meet other passengers and kids.

Does any of you have any interesting tips for travelling with toddlers? Do share with us in the comments section. 


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