Ways to involve Toddlers in Household Chores

If your child is interested in what you are doing, then it is a sign that the child is ready to help you with the chores. It is very important to involve your toddler in the day to day chores as it makes them feel important and independent. Here are some easy ways by which you can keep your toddler involved around the house!

Before sharing the list of chores, learn some tips to encourage your toddler to help you with chores.

  1. Start with one– Keep the chores simple and do not make your toddler learn five chores at a time. Start with one simple chore and then slowly add other chores.
  2. Reward them with praise– Praise your toddlers and give them lots and lots of positive affirmation for their efforts.
  3. Don’t Give Up- Do not get disheartened if your toddler is taking too much time to learn a chore. Remember to keep praising, encouraging and teaching them with their chores. They will get it right one day!
  4. Never force the child- Do not force the child to complete a chore if she is not comfortable doing it.

Simple Chore Ideas for Toddlers

    • Watering Plants- Pouring helps in developing gross motor skills.
    • Get Dressed– Teach them to put their used/dirty clothes in the laundry bag.
    • Wipe up spills– Spills are very common, especially with toddlers. Teach them to take responsibility for things that happen. When they spill food on the floor, ask them to help you to clean it.
    • Dust – Put them to work and hand over a cloth so they can easily dust tables, books etc. Just remember to remove all breakable items from their reach.
    • Pick up Toys –It is important to get them in the habit of cleaning up after their playtime is over. Encourage them to put their toys back in the basket and books on the bookshelf.
    • Empty Trashes— If you have small trashes in  in your home, this is a perfect job for toddlers
    • Help Set the Table– Assign your little one to carry napkins, spoons, glasses to the table and praise them once the job is done.
    • Make the Bed– Before bedtime, teach the child to place the bedsheet and pillows on the bed. Then ask them to place blankets. Even though the bed is messy but value their effort.

      All of these chores are a good way to bond with your little one and to build a sense of responsibility and pride at the same time. Does your toddler do chores? Let us know more in the comments section!


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