Ways to Make Natural and Homemade Holi Colours

Festival of colors, Holi is here! There is no celebration without colors. So, are you ready with the colors?

The colors available in the market contain toxic substances like lead etc that are very harmful for children and can cause skin rashes, allergies and even eye damage. Enjoy this Holi without any fear by making your own homemade Holi colors.

Holi colors can either be made dry or wet. Dry colors can be used to apply on each other while wet colors can be used in phichkari.

The easiest way of creating Holi colors at home is by mixing any flour (wheat or Maida) with food colors but even food colors have chemicals these days.

Here are some ways to make eco friendly homemade Holi colors. Even though it would take time and effort to make these at homw but best thing is they are completely safe and healthy.

Red color Holi powder

  • Dry the petals of Red Rose or red hibiscus flower in sun and omce they become crisp and dry, powder them in a mixer and add flour to increase the volume.
  • You can even add red sandalwood to it for red color. Sandalwood has cooling effects on the skin so it will not harm the skin.

Orange color Holi powder

  • Dry tesu flower in the sun and powder it with flour.
  • For wet liquid powder, you can soak tesu flower in water overnight and boil it the next day to get orange color liquid.
  • Soak a few strands of Kesar or saffron in water to yield orange color.

Green Color Holi powder

  • Use good quality henna powder or Amla and mix it with flour to get the desired green color Holi powder.Henna and Amla are both known for treating hair related problems.
  • To make green color liquid powder, boil fresh neem leaves in water and use this mixture when it cools down.
  • Another option is to grind spinach and boiling it in water. Strain it and use this green water straining to play Holi.

Yellow color Holi powder

  • Easiest ways to prepare yellow powder at home is by mixing good quality turmeric powder with besan flour. The ratio should be 1:2. Turmeric and besan are home remedies for various skin related issues.
  • Another option is to boil chrysanthemum or marigold flowers in water. Strain this mixture before using.

Purple color Holi powder

  • Peel and chop betroot and boil them nicely in pressure cooker. Once it cools down, dilute the water.

Blue color Holi powder

  • Dry blue flowers like blue hibiscus flower or blue shevantI flowera and grind them. Mix it in any flour to get the desired blue color Holi powder.
  • To make wet color blue, boil hibiscus flowers in water.

Note: Since most of these powders are prepared using vegetables or flowers, so it is better to make them fresh or store it in refrigerator to avoid getting spoiled.

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